What is an energy audit?

An energy audit is a physical count of the existing lights in your space — completed by Efficient Technologies. This allows us to record the style of fixtures being used and pinpoint energy usage attributed to lighting. From there we generate a new light design using LED products. The audit is free and does not commit you to anything


How does Efficient Technologies’ energy audit differ from the energy assessment from my utility company?

We won’t leave it up to you to figure out the next step. Efficient Technologies will manage the project from beginning to end. Each element of our process links perfectly together and has proven itself time and time again. Our aim is to create a partnership, not leave you alone in the process.


What are the benefits of LED lighting?

Lower energy consumption leading to lower energy bills. Some of our clients have also mentioned increased productivity, less eye strain and fewer headaches upon switching to LED lighting.


How long do LED lights last?

Our LED products generally are rated for 50,000 hours. This means the light output will still be at 70-80% of the original strength when they reach 50,000 hours. This does not mean the lights stop working at 50,000 hours.


How do the rebates work?

Filling out a stack of rebate paperwork is a daunting task. At Efficient Technologies, we are experts in understanding how to complete the forms, guaranteeing you won’t miss out on any potential rebate dollars!


How much of a project is covered by rebates?

Our projects can see up to 80% of the total project covered by utility rebates. This includes the installation cost. Plus, the paperwork is on us — no stacks of rebate paperwork for you.


How long does the installation take?

This depends on the size of the facility. Most of our projects are completed within 2-5 days. The exception being very large facilities which can last multiple weeks.


What will I need to do?

Provide your energy bill. We handle everything from there. Our turnkey solutions allow you to stay focused on business. Don’t worry, we will communicate with you every step of the way. You won’t need to stress about selecting fixtures, scheduling electricians, recycling the old lights or completing the stack of rebate paperwork.


I’ve already had an energy assessment from my utility company which tells me what to do, why do I need Efficient Technologies to do an audit?

An energy assessment is simply one layer of an energy efficient project. Utility, electrical and energy consulting companies are able to provide assessments, however, these assessments do not lead to implementation. At Efficient Technologies, we go beyond the assessment layer. Instead of leaving you on your own with suggestions on energy efficient projects, we implement them. We will design a new layout, source the products, coordinate & oversee the install and even complete the rebate paperwork for you.


What does Kelvin or `K` mean on my tubes?

In lighting terms, Kelvin is a unit of measurement to define the hue of a specific light source. We refer to this as color temperature. The higher the number, the closer the hue is to actual sunlight. It is likely you have 4100K in your office space. A 2700K color temperature is a “warmer” color and is standard in household lighting, while 5000k would typically be found in industrial areas.​


What does LED stand for?

Light-emitting diode.