The results are proven.

Because we use the latest technology coupled with maximum rebates, our clients are able to move forward with energy efficient projects that didn’t otherwise qualify from a financial return standpoint with other providers. Most importantly, our clients have not only realized project pay back as calculated, they see year over year savings with lower energy bills. They’ve also discovered positive links to operational performance, including better work environments and more satisfied employees.

Our turnkey operations allow you to focus on your daily tasks. We take the headache out of a lighting upgrade by selecting the fixtures, overseeing the installation and handling the rebate paperwork on your behalf. 

Our team of experts works very closely with energy providers to ensure you receive the maximum rebate for your LED lighting project. Many of our customers were unable to justify projects in the past, but were able to do so with Efficient Technologies’ through custom rebate programs our competitors are not offering.

• Project pay back – true ROI

• Year over year savings
• Drastically reduced energy consumption
 Lower energy bills

​• Enhanced work environment
• Improved operational efficiency
• Happier employees
• Happier earth

We’ve worked with
clients throughout
the Midwest